All About Toronto Celebrates Sudbury

Located in northern Ontario, Sudbury is an unassuming city known for its picturesque lakes and natural wonders. But once a year, the city gets a moment in the spotlight when Toronto-residents gather together to raise money for the place they are proud to call “home.”

Equal parts fundraiser and fête, “Toronto Celebrates Sudbury” has been an annual event since its conception in 2011. Each year, Toronto residents who hail or have ties to the Nickel City assemble not only to network, but also to raise much-needed money and awareness for organizations and research facilities that lie within the city of Sudbury. Founders Perry Dellelce and Jamie Lamont, both native Sudburians who now reside in Toronto, continue to grow the event with each consecutive year.

But Dellelce and Lamont aren’t the only ones who are contributing to the success of the event, so too are the many, many Toronto residents who are proud to raise money for their beloved hometown. Sudbury natives are apparently ready and willing to donate not only time, but also impressive amounts of money to better the quality of life and academic endeavors that take place within Sudbury’s boundaries. Held in places such as Toronto’s distillery district and the Hockey Hall of Fame, the event successfully serves not only as a fundraiser for the beloved city, but also as somewhat of a Sudbury reunion, allowing scores of Sudbury-natives to network and enjoy themselves, all in the name of charity.

Their efforts prove quite extraordinary: This year $100,000 was raised by the event, all in the name of Sudbury’s medical health research. The amount raised was split equally between Health Sciences North, an academic health center, and Laurentian University, both of which are pillars in the Sudbury community. It has been reported that the money, which is allocated by the Sudbury Community Foundation, will be used in various ways to promote world-class research in the city. The president of Health Sciences North reports that he plans on using their portion to create more chair positions and continue to attract outstanding researchers to work within their walls. Similarly, doctors at Laurentian University have stated that their half will go towards the school’s molecular research.

Held annually in Ontario’s capital, “Toronto Celebrates Sudbury” continues to achieve what founders Dellelce and Lamont set out to accomplish. The event is not only successful, but also highly praised, and Sudbury natives continue to come out in droves to support the city that they love. The only thing that can stop these fundraisers, however, seems to be the weather. The event, which has been previously held in the winter months, will be moving to April in 2015 so that more Sudbury citizens can travel to the growing event. “Toronto Celebrates Sudbury” has made quite a name in recent years, and will continue to further its efforts to bring awareness and funding to Sudbury and its many proud organizations.